Charles Pointe Shows Millions in Investment in 2022 and Millions More on Way to Development in 2023

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on January 19, 2023

Progressive communities and counties making themselves attractive to new businesses know how important the availability of residential options is to meaningful and sustainable growth. Charles Pointe, the city of Bridgeport, and Harrison County have become a model for other municipalities and county governments in how to create those residential opportunities.

Charles Pointe, which covers 1,700-acres, is located within the city limits of Bridgeport. 

Genesis Partners is responsible for managing the $1.5 billion development. Genesis Partners reported that 2022 was a good year for residential growth within the development that sits conveniently just off of Interstate 79’s northbound area.

Highlights pointed out by Genesis Partners of Charles Pointe’s ongoing residential construction during the recently concluded year that was 2022 include:

  • the sale of an additional 33 lots at Stonebridge Townhomes leaving a balance of 25 remaining lots to complete the planned 84-unit townhome neighborhood.
  • the sale of 20 single family lots to complete the initial phase of Lexington Circle at Worthington Village.
  • the development of an additional 45 single family lots to complete the final phase of Lexington Circle at Worthington Village.

To date, 362 residential units have been constructed in seven distinct neighborhoods of Charles Pointe with a mixture of single-family homes, condominiums, duplexes, townhomes, and apartments representing over $129 million in investments.

Nearly 3.4 miles of streets and associated sitework, sidewalks, utilities, and technology infrastructure have been constructed to support the residential construction at these neighborhoods with a private investment commitment of $12.9 million.

The year 2022 also brought good news for commercial, health care, and retail development at Charles Pointe.

In October, Menard’s broke ground at Charles Pointe Crossing for a 240,000 square foot home improvement super store. Additionally, MonHealth, part of the state’s second largest health care provider network of hospitals, announced that they will build a new community hospital at Charles Pointe.

In November, Interstate Realty Group of Tennessee announced a joint venture with Genesis Partners to bring approximately 200,000 square feet of sales tax generating businesses to Charles Pointe Crossing.

“2023 promises to be a great year of increased growth at Charles Pointe,” said Mark Dellana, Executive Director of Development for Genesis Partners. “We will continue to execute on our master plan with our partners, the city of Bridgeport, and the Harrison County Commission to bring opportunities to Charles Pointe.”

Genesis Partners say more than 40 single family homes are projected to be built this year.

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