UT Law Class of 2025 has highest academic credentials on record

The University of Tennessee College of Law welcomed this month one of the most highly credentialed groups of first-year J.D. students in the law school’s history.

This talented and diverse cohort consists of 137 students—the largest entering class since 2013—with a median LSAT score of 160 and a median GPA of 3.76, which is the highest on record.

They hail from 28 states, four non-U.S. countries and over 76 different undergraduate institutions. Twenty-one precent are from underrepresented groups, and 51% are women.

The number of applicants (1,332) was the second largest in the past twelve years, demonstrating that the College of Law continues to be a destination law school for those interested in a quality legal education that uniquely prepares them for the practice of law.

Beyond statistics, the Class of 2025 brings a wide array of skills, experiences and perspectives that will further enrich the College of Law’s distinctive environment. Their undergraduate majors range from the social sciences to the physical sciences and everything in between. Twelve entering students have graduate degrees and 27 are first-generation college graduates. Five are U.S. military veterans. There are former student body presidents, professional and college athletes, political staffers, teachers, scientists, ministers, and most importantly, a vast number who are passionate about contributing to the public good.

During the week of introductory activities, Dean Lonnie T. Brown, Jr., who began his tenure on July 1 , emphasized what a great decision both he and they had made by choosing the University of Tennessee College of Law.

“The law school is a warm and welcoming community, with gifted and dedicated faculty and staff, committed to preparing students to practice law at the highest level and with the utmost professionalism,” Brown said. “We are all excited about this amazingly talented entering class. They bring the same energy, enthusiasm, and altruistic spirit that have long been signature qualities of our student body.”

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