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Management Services

As a property owner, you want to work with a company that has genuine skills and the expertise to solve the headaches of managing and maintaining your valued investment. Rest assured that, when you choose Interstate Management, you are partnering with a company that treats your property as if it is our very own!

Administrative Management Services

  • Maintain all tenant ledgers, rent rolls, leases and accounting information utilizing Yardi accounting software specifically designed for property management.
  • Create and maintain annual budgets with predicted cash flows for drawing.
  • Monitor cash balances with online abilities and provide for payment of services, including ACH payment of mortgages to avoid the risk of penalties or late fees.
  • Supervise the collection of all rents and other charges.

  • Coordinate utilities, HVAC contracts and insurance responsibilities with tenants according to their leases.
  • Administer prompt collection of all delinquent amounts, including defaults, and handle coordination with legal counsel when necessary.
  • Handle year-end reconciliation of all CAM, insurance and property tax charges.
  • Customize financial information and monthly reporting to meet your needs, as well as that of lenders, if applicable.

Maintenance Management Services

  • Control and verify all purchases, and ensure that they are properly process for payment.
  • Oversee the hiring, training, supervision and dismissal of all on-site personnel engaged in the operation of the property (subject to limitations).
  • Secure bids for, coordinate and supervise all maintenance and/or general repair work to be performed by outside contractors/vendors. (Does not include construction management services for tenant improvements.)
  • Provide overall direction and control of common area maintenance (CAM) and repairs on the property.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with tenants, and handle all complaints and project-related problems on a 24-hour basis.
  • Maintain frequent contact with property owner, or any consultants of property owner (i.e., attorneys, accountants), to ensure the efficient and correct management of the property.

  • Administer the review, reconciliation and approval of all expenses prior to payment, provided that Interstate Management shall obtain owner’s approval for any unusual expenses not incurred in the ordinary operation of the property.
  • Enforce tenant compliance with the rules and regulations promulgated with respect to the property.
  • Maintain keys to provide supervised entry of unoccupied space to prospective tenants or maintenance providers.
  • Regularly visit property to inspect general condition. (Cleanliness, landscaping, legal parking, security, exterior lighting, signage, etc.)
  • Maintain a photo diary of any issues.